Issues With Kitchen Faucets

Here are some common issues that people have when they fail to get the highest rated kitchen faucets. Don’t fall in this trap and get a good product.

The hand shower leaks or is damaged:
If the hand shower leaks, check that the washer between the faucet body and the hose is still in place. If the leak persists, replace the hand shower.

The spout for wall mounting moves or is installed outside its center line:
Make sure the spout is fitted to the T-fitting using sufficient special adhesive sealing plumbing. Make sure the spout is properly secured in the wall cavity to prevent play.

The faucet bung does not retain water:
Check that the locking ring is not damaged. Check that the cable under the closure is installed at the correct height. It is possible that the bung does not fit perfectly into the shape of the lavatory opening. Also ensure that sufficient PTFE sealing tape is used between the washbasin and the drain plug (the washers alone are not sufficient to seal some bungs)

The bung lever does not work:
Make sure that the lever is installed correctly and that the cable height is adequate. The main cause of a dripping ceramic disc faucet and connected piping, has not been cleaned from this debris at installation.
Remove the faucet handle and check that the ceramic disc shows no signs of scouring. If scouring or damage is evident, replace the ceramic disc or cartridge.

Shower temperature is insufficient.
The water pressure exceeds 5 bar. Make sure your system has a pressure reducer from the water supply piping, the water supply is at least 60 degrees and you have calibrated the valve by equally distributing the pressure between the water supply line Hot water and cold water.
Check that there are no air bubbles formed in the ducts. Make sure there is no inverted U-bend in the duct work.

When the shower is programmed in cold water function, the water comes out hot.
Connection to hot and cold water was reversed. Redo the connections.

The faucet valve is noisy during operation.
The water pressure exceeds 5 bar. Make sure that you have installed a pressure reducer at the beginning of the main supply pipe just behind the stopcock.

The water becomes cold during the shower.
Make sure your boiler is running. Set the boiler to the highest degree. If this does not resolve this situation, please contact us and we will do our utmost to reply as soon as possible.

Which valves to choose for my faucet?
If your water inlets emerge from the ground, you will have to choose straight taps, if they come from the wall, it is the corner taps that you will have to choose.

Why is my hand shower so light and not brass?
Please note that the heads of our shower heads are made of ABS, made of chrome-plated reinforced plastic. The reason for this is that if this hand shower was made of solid brass chrome, it would be very uncomfortable because of its weight, if it escaped you could for example hurt yourself by bumping into you, or even break your bathroom tile, The brass is conductive to heat and you could even burn yourself.
Also the policy of our company was to opt for hand shower, as accessory in reinforced ABS. It is only by taking it in hand that you will perceive that it is not made of solid brass, it is not at all mismatched with respect to the shower head and its support. We also confirm that it is very ergonomic.